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Department of Chemistry Ming Xian Research Group

Research Interests

The core of Dr. Xian’s research interests comprises the desire to combine organic synthesis with bioorganic chemistry to examine, understand, and solve problems of biological and medicinal significance. Currently our group is working on the following projects:

  1. Bioorthogonal reactions of S-nitrosothiols and new methods for the study of protein S-nitrosylation
  2. Synthetic applications of S-nitrosothiols
  3. Controllable hydrogen sulfide donors
  4. New methods for the detection of hydrogen sulfide in biological systems
  5. New chemical tools for reactive sulfur species research
  6. The development of bio-based materials
  7. Synthetic methodology development

The Xian Lab thanks the following groups for their support:

Washington State Universityacs
National Science Foundation
teva-300x90NIGMSAmerican Heart Association
Burroughs Welcome FundUSDA_logo